Ichthyology conducts research, research training and graduate education on the world’s fishes-their global diversity, evolution, geography, genomics, morphology, conservation, ecology and behavior. These studies are grounded in research collections of 660,000 specimens and their associated data. Curator Ed Wiley focuses on the ontology of species and monophyletic groups and their relationship to evolutionary theory. Researchers within the Department also hold interests in the philosophy and methodology of phylogenetic systematics.

Ichthyology is located on the fifth floor of Dyche Hall at the University of Kansas.

Mailing Address:

Division of Ichthyology
Dyche Hall
1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence KS 66045-7505
General contact information: abentley@ku.edu, ewiley@ku.edu

Search our databases via our preserved collection and our tissue collection online.

The entire collection may also be searched online via FishNet2.

Ichthyology at a Glance

Established: 1864
Collection Strengths: Geographically and taxonomically diverse tissue collection of 9,500 fishes: 660,000 preserved fishes with an emphasis on the midwest: significant osteological preparations.
Research Strengths:
Evolution and systematics of teleost fishes.
Leo Smith
Collection Manager(s):
Andrew Bentley 785.864.3863