TitleThe Eels Anguilla and Histiobranchus Photographed on the Floor of the Deep Atlantic in the Bahamas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsRobins CR, Cohen DM, Robins CH
JournalBulletin of Marine Science
KeywordsAnatomy and Histology - Comparative anatom, Ecology: environmental biology - Animal 07512, Ecology: environmental biology - Oceanography 07517, Ecology: environmental biology - Water research and fishery biology 11103, Environmental Sciences Biogeography Ecology Marine Ecology Systematics and Taxonomy Pisces Vertebrata Chordata Animalia 01012, Methods - Photography 07508, Osteichthyes [85206] Population Studies Environmental Sciences Ecology
AbstractThe 1st record of an adult eel of the genus Anguilla in the deep sea is reported from nearly 2000 m on the bottom of Tongue-of-the-Ocean, Bahamas. The record is based on photographs taken from the submersible Alvin. Whether it represents A. anguilla or A. rostrata cannot be determined. The basis of the identification is discussed and comments are provided on other eels of the region especially Histiobranchus, a synaphobranchid eel also photographed in Tongue-of-the-Ocean. Comments are provided concerning the significance of this discovery to knowledge of the distribution and biology of Anguilla.

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