TitleA new Western Atlantic spearfish, Tetrapturus pfluegeri, with a redescription of the Mediterranean spearfish Tetrapturus belone
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1963
AuthorsRobins RC, Sylva DDP
JournalBull Mar Sci Gulf and Caribbean
KeywordsChordata: general and systematic - Pisces, Osteichthyes [85206] Pisces [85200] Systematics and Taxonomy Pisces Vertebrata Chordata Animalia Vertebrata Chordata Animalia 62510
AbstractExamination of specimens of Tetrapturus belone Rafinesque from the type locality in the region of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea permits the redefinition of this species. Specimens from the western North Atlantic previously described and attributed to belone diverge decisively in several features, notably the number of dorsal spines and the lengths of the pectoral fin and bill. This western Atlantic form is diagnosed as a new species, Tetrapturus pfluegeri. The two species are contrasted and synonymies are provided for each. || ABSTRACT AUTHORS: Authors

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