How do I choose a roommate for a double room in the dormitory?
The process of identifying and matching roommates in the dormitory will occur after you have registered and requested a bed in a double room. Everyone who has registered and reserved a space in a double room will be contacted via e-mail with a request to identify any desired room-mate preferences. We will do our best to match everyone with mutual matches (regardless of gender) at this point in time.

When is the deadline to submit presentations? Will the available presentation slots fill up?
We will continue to accept presentations (including both oral presentations and posters) until May 15th or until all of the available slots are filled. Presentation slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Because the conference has a limited number of slots available for both talks and posters we recommend that you register early to avoid the possibility of these slots filling up.

How do I contact the conference organizers?
The best way to reach the conference organizers is to send an e-mail to the main conference e-mail address:

What should I wear to the conference?
Casual dress can be worn throughout the meeting, but you should consider a t-shirt with frogs on it or an aloha shirt if you really want to blend in.

What's the weather going to be like? 
Mid-Summer is typically warm, sunny, and humid in Lawrence, KS. Average temperatures are in the high 80s, but days in the high 90s or 100s are not uncommon. Rain is sporadic during the Summer, but thunderstorms are a possibility.

What about tornadoes?
Tornados are a possibility in Lawrence during the Summer, but they are no more common there than they are in most other parts of the central and southern United States. Moreover, peak tornado season in Kansas is generally in April, May or June, with less activity in July and August.

Will the conference offer any on-site childcare services?
No, unfortunately the conference is not able to offer any on-site child care services.

How do I sign up for a field trip to the Fitch Reserve, KU Herpetology or Allen Press?
You can sign up for field trips on the main registration form. Space in all field trips is limited and available on a first come first serve basis. In order to optimize availability we request that you do not sign up for a field trip unless you are fairly certain that you are going to be able to attend. If you reserve a spot on a trip and later learn that you will not be able to attend please alert the conference organizers ( as soon as possible. We hope to offer additional opportunities to visit the Field Station and KU Herpetology throughout the meeting for those visitors that are unable to join one of the formal tours; however, because we are not yet sure when these extra tours will happen we are unable to accept bookings in advance. Please pay attention to e-mail notifications and social media postings from conference organizers for additional information.

Do I need to purchase picnic tickets in advance?
Yes, picnic tickets must be purchased at least one week prior to this event. If you registered without purchasing a picnic ticket but would like to do so now please contact the conference organizers via e-mail (