TitleA Review of the Ophidiid Fish Genus Sirembo with a New Species from Australia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsCohen DM, Robins CR
JournalMemoirs of the Queensland Museum
KeywordsAnatomy and Histology - Comparative anatomy 62510, Anatomy and Histology - Gross anatomy 11103, Chordata: general and systematic, Ecology: environmental biology - Oceanography 11102, General biology - Taxonomy, nomenclature and terminology 07512, Osteichthyes [85206-New] Population Studies Biogeography Morphology Systematics and Taxonomy Pisces Vertebrata Chordata Animalia 00504
AbstractA revised diagnosis is presented for the Indo-West Pacific genus Sirembo, and three species are recognised. S. metachroma n.sp. from Queensland and Western Australia has about 12 oblique scale rows between the dorsal fin and the lateral line and has the lateral line marked by a bold to faint brown line. The previously unreported young stage of the Australian ophidiid Dannevigia tusca is superficially similar in color pattern to Sirembo metachroma. S. jerdoni (junior syn. Umalius philippinus) has been caught from the E. China Sea to the Red Sea (including Western Australia) and has 6-7 oblique scale rows between the lateral line and the dorsal fin and three or four broad, oblique bands on the head and anterior part of the body. S. imberbis (junior syn. S. everriculi) found Japan to Western Australia (including Queensland) has 6-8 oblique scale rows between the lateral line and dorsal fin and one or more rows of spots or horizontal bands along the body.

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