TitleVentral Gill Arch Muscles and the Phylogenetic Relationships of Latimeria-Chalumnae
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsWiley, III EO
JournalOccasional Papers California Academy of Sciences
KeywordsAnatomy and Histology - Comparative anatomy 11308, Chondrichthyes [85202] Osteichthyes [85206] Movement and Support Movement and Support Morphology Muscular System Skeletal System Systematics and Taxonomy Pisces Vertebrata Chordata Animalia Pisces Vertebrata Chordata Animalia 01500, Chordate body regions - Ne, Ecology: environmental biology - Water research and fishery biology 11103, Evolution 03506, Genetics - Animal 04500, Mathematical biology and statistical methods 07517
AbstractThe phylogenetic relationships of L. chalumnae as evidence by ventral gill arch musculature is reviewed. Latimeria and by inference other actinistians (coelacanths) are the sister group of all other osteichthyans. Osteological evidence which supports this hypothesis is reviewed. Two alternate views are examined: (1) that actinistians are sarcopterygians and (2) that actinistians are relatives of Chondrichthyans. Alternate (1) is reasonable if the intracranial joint is considered synapomorphic (derived) for actinistians and rhipidistians. Alternate (2) is supported only by characters which may be plesiomorphic (primitive) or of uncertain quality. Latimeria may be an osteichthyan and Latimeria and other actinistians are probably the sister group of all other osteichthyans (the Euosteichthyes).

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